Becoming a Resident

Becoming a resident at The Sterling, Kaiapoi is an exciting transition, but we understand it can also be overwhelming. Rest assured, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

To become a resident at The Sterling, Kaiapoi, your first step is to arrange a visit with our sales team who will show you around our Showhome and our facilities, and answer all your questions. They can also advise on availability of villas or care suites*, now and in the future.

Once you’ve decided to make the move and your ideal villa or care suite* becomes available, our team will work through the necessary paperwork with you to ensure you can secure your new home. For more information on resident fees and agreements, please read on.

*Care suites will be completed in a future construction stage. 


Entry Payment

The cost of entry for a villa, or care suite at The Sterling, Kaiapoi varies depending on the type of home you choose. 

To secure the home of your choice, you will need to enter into an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) with The Sterling, Kaiapoi. Payment is made at the time you move in. Once your agreement ends (which you can end at any time giving 30 days’ written notice), the entry payment is refunded to you no later than 5 working days after the date on which we have received full settlement from a new resident for the unit and the cooling off period until the new residents’ ORA has expired, less a deferred management fee.


Deferred Management Fee (DMF)

A deferred management fee covers the use of the community facilities, all exterior and long-term maintenance, the refurbishment of your home when you leave, and the sales and marketing costs for reselling your home. The DMF therefore enables us to maintain the village in a pristine condition, while ensuring you have no responsibility for refurbishment of your home on termination (unless there is willful damage). 

The DMF is charged at a rate of 10% per year for the first three years of your occupancy. If you stay in the village for less than three years, then the DMF is proportionately charged. If you live in the village for any greater period greater than three years, the DMF will never be more than 30% of your entry fee.

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Village Outgoings

In addition to the entry payment, residents contribute to the day to day running costs of the village. This fee covers general grounds and facilities maintenance, staff salaries, insurances, rates, taxes, telecommunications, internet and other costs. Costs not included in the village outgoings fee, such as your own home electricity, telephone, internet or broadcasting charges, will need to be paid directly by you. 

*Important: this fee is agreed on the date which you sign up for a villa. Once you sign up, the fee is fixed for life. Your village outgoings fee will never increase once you are living in the village. 

*Please note the village outgoings fee will increase on completion of the care home, and then will be fixed for life.


Service Fees

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and from time to time you may need more or less assistance, so The Sterling, Kaiapoi will offer a comprehensive and flexible range of home care support services.

At The Sterling, Kaiapoi you will be able to pick n mix the support you need, and you’ll only ever pay for the support services you request. The cost of these services will be reviewed annually and will be subject to change based on any relevant changes in village expenses.

Additionally, in the future, we will offer four more substantial care packages. Levels one, two and three can be delivered in your own home whilst level four services are reserved for those in our care home. Support services are payable monthly in arrears. You may suspend your support services by giving four weeks’ notice. You will not be charged for services while you are away from the village visiting family or enjoying a holiday.