Care Options

The Sterling, Kaiapoi has been designed to maximise your ability to be self-reliant, while still providing easy access to extra care and support if and when you need it.

We will offer a full range of care, from entirely independent living, to assisted living, all the way through to hospital-level care. 

Our Care Suites will be designed to offer services and one-on-one assistance from our registered nursing staff. Additionally, our Memory Care suites will be tailored to address the specialised needs of residents dealing with cognitive impairment or dementia, ensuring they can continue to lead independent and comfortable lives.

Life at The Sterling, Kaiapoi will offer:

Independent, supported living
Inviting, purpose-built rooms
Flexible care options, customised to your needs
On-call assistance available 24/7

Care Suites

Our assisted living Care Suites will provide 24-hour care and clinical support from registered staff and caregivers. Inviting, purpose-built care rooms ensure your needs are met while you remain part of the vibrant community at The Sterling, Kaiapoi.

Be as engaged or private as you choose. Spend time out on the sun-drenched terrace, enjoy the comfort of the lounge or entertain guests in your room. 

Your life, your choice.


Memory Care

Our world-class, memory care environment will cater to the specialist needs of residents with dementia or cognitive challenges, providing 24-hour nursing and clinical support from registered staff, and homely, residential-style living within a safe and familiar environment.

Mindful of the challenges people with memory deficit experience, rooms will be designed to ensure easy identification of key service areas like bathrooms and toilets.  

Each of our residents will have a unique Care Plan designed with clinical input from a General Practitioner and one of our Registered Nurses.


Care at The Sterling, Kaiapoi will always be resident-directed, it will be homely and respectful because our residents deserve nothing less.

Alan Edwards – Chairman & Executive Director, The Sterling, Kaiapoi