Choosing a Village

Is a Retirement Village the Right Choice For You?

Retirement village living offers a compelling choice for those looking to embrace their later years with comfort and convenience. In New Zealand, this lifestyle option is growing in popularity, with over 47,000 Kiwis already calling retirement villages their home.

It’s important to consider whether retirement village living aligns with your aspirations and needs. With an increasing number of New Zealanders opting for this option, exploring the benefits and opportunities of retirement village life may open new doors to an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement journey.

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Considerations When Moving into a Retirement Village

These days, moving to a retirement village doesn’t mean surrendering your independence. 

Rather, modern retirement villages can extend your independence, provide personalised care services, security, improved social and community connections and the opportunity to spend more time doing what you enjoy. You can choose to be as active and engaged with village life as you like, or as private and self-reliant as you like.

Every retirement village is different, but a premium retirement option will offer a flexible blend of support and independence, high-quality and low-maintenance residences, and a range of amenities on your doorstep.

Common Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village Include: 

Access to welcoming and like-minded community.

Access to healthcare and living support that can evolve with your changing needs.

Increased independence.

Warm, dry accommodation without the burden of home maintenance.

A safe, inclusive environment with appropriate security.

Emergency support.

Note: All retirement villages in New Zealand are required to comply to The Retirement Villages Act 2003. Included in the Act is a code of residents’ rights, designed to provide consumer protection for retirement village residents.

Moving to a retirement village is a big decision. Our role is to provide an informative, relaxed, non-pressured environment where we listen, support and respect, that any sales decision is for the clients to make and must be what is best for them.

Michelle Allan – Sales Manager, The Sterling, Kaiapoi

When is The Right Time to Make a Move?

Everyone’s experience of aging is different. There’s no single ‘right time’ and the time that’s right for someone else may not be the right time for you. The decision can only be made by you. 

Common Reasons for Transitioning into a Retirement Village Include:

Nearing of retirement age and the desire to simplify your living situation.

Burdensome property obligations (such as home maintenance).

Health reasons (easy access to care and support).

The desire for greater social interactions, security and community.

Note: All retirement villages in New Zealand are required to comply to The Retirement Villages Act 2003. Included in the Act is a code of residents’ rights, designed to provide consumer protection for retirement village residents.


What Do I Need to Consider When Moving Into a Retirement Village?

Moving to a retirement village is about so much more than buying a villa. There’s a lot to consider when planning your move. Below are some helpful questions and answers:
What are the key considerations when choosing a retirement village?

Explore our checklist of things to consider, here.

What are the legal issues and key terms I need to know?

View’s Guide to Choosing a Retirement Village.

What do I need to know about The Sterling, Kaiapoi?

Check out our helpful FAQs to answer all your questions.

What financial aspects do I need to consider? provides an excellent retirement calculator which enables you to compare and calculate the financial costs of retirement living versus the cost of remaining in your current residence. To help with this calculation we have created a cost information sheet specific to The Sterling, Kaiapoi.

Live your life the way you choose

Every village is different. At The Sterling, Kaiapoi, we’re redefining retirement living, creating a safe, happy, connected, supported community where residents are free to live life their way. Celebrating our residents and supporting their privacy and independence, all within a thriving, connected, amenity-rich community, The Sterling, Kaiapoi offers the very best in retirement living.

Retirement and aged care today does not have to create segregated environments – in fact, it should be quite the opposite. Our innovative approach removes the barriers and subsequent isolation, bringing people of all generations together to create a connected community.

Alan Edwards – Chairman & Executive Director, The Sterling, Kaiapoi.

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