The onset of spring has seen us move onsite to our temporary sales office.

Not only can we show you the onscreen vision of The Sterling, Kaiapoi but you can look out our windows and see the progress for yourself!

In the mean time, read through the latest update on each group of villas and the temporary community hub.

You can also watch the latest flyover of The Sterling, Kaiapoi site below:

Villas 1 – 4

Villas 1 – 4 are well underway! The interior works are taking place with the plumbing, electrical cabling, ducted heat air system and insulation being installed. The fixing of GIB linings is scheduled to start this week.

Villas 5 & 6

Villas 5 & 6 are looking great, with the interior works also taking place and the fixing of the GIB linings is set to be installed this week.

Villas 7 – 10

Villas 7 – 10 have their roofs on and the building wrap completed. Windows are being installed and it won’t be long before the exterior cladding gets underway!

Villas 11 – 14

The roofs are on villas 11 – 14! The building wrap is complete and the windows are ready to be installed next week.

Villas 15 – 18

In the last two weeks we have witnessed speedy progress on villas 15 – 18, with foundations being poured and frames erected. The roof trusses and rafters are next to be installed later this week.

Temporary Community Hub

The cladding is currently being installed on the temporary community hub and the services such as the electrics, plumbing and insulation are now underway.

Join us on this exciting adventure and come visit us at our news sales office today!

We are located on the corner of Silverstream Boulevard & Island Road and open 7 days from 11am – 3pm.