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What homes are available at The Sterling, Kaiapoi?

The Sterling has pushed the boundaries in terms of quality and design. Our homes offer a choice from independent living villas, independent living apartments, care suites or memory care suites. No matter what your needs are, at The Sterling we have homes and care options to suit your needs.

Does The Sterling offer a full continuum of care?

A full range of care options are available at The Sterling. We provide as much or as little care as needed for our independent living villa and apartment residents. We encourage you to tailor your care package to specifically meet your needs at that moment. You can select from one of our three care packages or pick and mix services to meet your needs.

To receive care in our care suites and memory care suites, you will need to have been assessed to receive residential aged care support. The support at this level will be either our level 3 or level 4 packages.

What are the costs I will need to pay to live at The Sterling?

Entry Payment | 

An entry payment is required to be paid for your villa, apartment or care suite. The entry payment will vary and depends on the type of home you choose and the payment is made at the time you move into The Sterling. To secure the home of your choice, you will need to enter into an agreement with The Sterling.

This agreement is an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA). Once your agreement ends, which you can end at any time by giving 30 days’ notice, the entry payment will be refunded to you or your family less a deferred management fee, 5 days after we find a replacement resident.


Deferred Management Fee (DMF) |

The DMF is charged at a rate of 10% per year for the first three years of your occupancy. If you stay in the village for less than three years, then the DMF is proportionately charged. If you live in the village for any period greater than three years, the DMF will never be more than 30% of your entry fee. This fee covers the use of the community facilities, all exterior and long-term maintenance, the refurbishment of you home when you leave and sales and marketing costs for reselling your home. The DMF therefore enables us to maintain the village in a pristine condition, ensures that you have no responsibility for refurbishment of your home on termination (unless there is willful damage) and ensures that all communal areas (including furniture and fittings) are properly maintained.


Village Outgoings | 

In addition to the entry payment, all residents are required to contribute to the day to day running costs of the village. This fee covers general grounds and facilities maintenance, routine maintenance, village staff salaries, insurances, rates, taxes, telecommunications, internet and other costs such as electricity and water for the common areas.

Payment for costs not included in the outgoings fee, such as your own home electricity, telephone, internet or broadcasting charges will need to be paid directly by you.

One very important point to note is that this fee is agreed on the date on which you sign up for a villa or apartment. Once you sign up, the fee is fixed for life. This simply means it will never be increased once you are living in the village.


Service Fees |

We offer a comprehensive range of home care support services. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and from time to time you may need more assistance. You can pick and mix your services to specifically suit your needs, which means you only ever pay for the services you require.

The cost of these services are reviewed annually and are subject to increase based on any relevant increases the village expenses.

In addition to the pick and mix options, we also offer four care packages. Levels one, two and three can be delivered in your own home whilst level four services require you to be in our care home.

 Service fees are payable monthly in arrears. You may suspend your services by giving four weeks’ notice. This means you will not be charged for services you do not receive whilst away from the village visiting family or enjoying a holiday.

Who is responsible for insurance and rates at The Sterling?

The Outgoings Fee covers the village buildings insurance, fire levies and council rates. You are responsible for your own personal insurances such as: contents, motor vehicle (compulsory), and personal effects.

What if I change my mind after I have signed my Occupation Right Agreement (ORA)?

In the event that you change your mind, there is a 15 working day cooling off period from the time you sign your ORA and before moving into The Sterling.

 The Code of Practice 2008 gives all intending residents the right to change their mind and cancel the ORA any time prior to the expiry of 15 working days after signing. This right is known as the “cooling off” period. Generally, The Sterling will expect that this period has expired prior to moving into the village.

What happens if I change my mind after I have moved into the Village?

We are confident that our village will suit your needs and therefore The Sterling offers a 90 day money back guarantee. This allows you to change your mind anytime during the first 90 days. Should you choose to leave inside that period, we will refund the entry payment, without deduction, subject to the terms and conditions in the ORA. You are responsible however to have paid the weekly fee during your residency.

Are you allowed pets?

Like family, pets play an important part in the lives of their owners. To bring a pet into the village, we require you have the approval of the Village Manager. All the pet owner responsibilities are to be carried out in accordance with the village rules.

Can I have my car and is parking available?

Yes, and there is no additional cost for an allocated parking area. Designated spaces are provided for all residents and visitors, with all villas accommodation having their own attached garaging.

Will I be able to transfer my accommodation if it is needed in the future?

Yes, you may. There are conditions that apply should you move from one independent living villa to another or independent living apartment. These conditions require the termination of your current ORA and entering into a new ORA. The only fee payable is a 12.5% transfer fee. If you have lived in the village for three or more years, there will be no additional DMF. If you have lived in the village for less than 3 years, then the balance of the DMF is charged against the new unit entry price. Should you move into one of our care environments, then no transfer fee is applicable. There is a transfer fee required to facilitate the transfer, which is equal to 12.5% of the entry payment, of the new home.

What is the process once my right to occupy ends and my accommodation is vacated? Who is responsible for the sale?

Our ORA is designed to impose no obligations on you after you have cancelled your agreement with us. We are responsible and accountable for finding a new resident as quickly as possible. We will immediately refurbish your home and carry out all the sales and marketing. We will regularly report to you or your family on the progress we are making to find a replacement resident. We welcome referrals by you or your family to help speed the process.

Will my privacy, and independence be respected?

Yes, The Sterling will ensure that any personal information, including your medical record, is securely stored. We will not share any private and confidential information with anyone, other than persons properly authorised via Power of Attorney. The Sterling enables residents to live independently within a secure, connected and thriving community.

Is there someone who I can talk to if I have any concerns living in the village?

We will provide appropriately qualified and experienced staff for the operation of the village, including a Village Manager who will be your point of contact for any immediate concerns within The Sterling. We also have a formal complaint process as required by the Code of Practice 2008.

Are Residents exclusively entitled to use all the community facilities?

The Sterling is unlike most other villages in that we encourage intergenerational connection and therefore our village is not excluded from the general subdivision and we encourage those living in the Silverstream and wider districts to feel free to visit our village, to have a coffee in our café, to visit the Doctors in the medical clinic, and to (when appropriate at our discretion) participate with the rest of the residents playing bowls and or croquet and or using the putting surface. We also expect that from time to time there may be access to the swimming pool for non-residents on a fee- paying basis.

Who makes sure I get what I have paid for?

Under the Retirements Villages Act 2003, a Statutory Supervisor must be appointed (unless an exemption is granted). The Statutory Supervisor oversees the management of the village including monitoring the financial position and represents the residents. The Statutory Supervisor also holds a first ranking memorial over the title and assets of the village operator.

Anchorage Trustee Services Limited is the Statutory Supervisor for The Sterling.