Getting Started FOR YOUR LOVED ONE


Helping your family member make decisions about their future living can be a challenging and emotional time. You want to be sure they are in a caring environment where they will be safe and happy, and where it will be easy for family and friends to visit them.
Decisions about whether independent living or residential care is most suitable are usually straightforward, but a needs assessment will assist with this if there is any doubt. If the decision is made to move to independent living, then the next decision is whether to move to villa style accommodation or whether to choose a smaller apartment or studio.
It’s a good idea to make up a list of features and services that are important to you and your family member so you can compare different villages and make sure that the village you choose offers everything you want.
Things to take into account include availability of support services such as housekeeping and meals (occasionally or on a regular basis), what sort of activity programmes are available, whether residents can keep their own GP, and whether there is residential care available in the village if this is needed in the future.
It’s important to get a good feel for a village by talking to staff and existing residents. First impressions matter and if you are not made to feel welcome when you visit, this is a sign that it may not be a good place to live.


Services that support independent living can include things like housekeeping, laundry (including linen changes), occasional or regular meals, transport to the supermarket and an activity programme.
Even if those services aren’t needed now, they may be required in the future and that may be the difference between your family member being able to stay in independent living or moving to residential care.
If there is any question about your family member needing residential care, then they should get a needs assessment, which can be organised through a GP. This assessment highlights whether support services are required so the person can remain safe and independent; or can indicate that residential care is the best option.


Living Options

All our independent living villas and apartments can receive as much or as little care service as you choose!


Living Options

 Our care suites will provide you with 24-hour nursing and clinical support from registered staff and caregivers.