Getting Started FOR YOU

Why make THE MOVE?

Most of us want to stay as long as possible in the home we know and love, surrounded by people and amenities we are familiar with. But we also know that the time will come when we will need a bit more support.
Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere where all the big decisions and responsibilities are taken care of? No worrying about arranging house insurance, paying the rates, arranging tradesmen, keeping the garden under control or thinking about security. Let someone else take over those responsibilities.
No need to worry about loneliness either. Entertainment, social activities and the company of other residents are always close at hand  for you to enjoy as little or as much as you want. And if you need some extra help then personal assistance, meals and other services are never far away. You don’t have to struggle on your own or rely on family to organise help for you.
We encourage you to start thinking about later living options before you actually need to make the move. That means you will have time to look around and choose the right village, rather than having to rely on family or friends to make the decision for you.


If you are moving to independent living in a village, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing that support is available on site if you need it in the future.
Will personal care and meals be available if required? Can you keep your own GP? If you are moving into residential care, do you want to be somewhere that offers memory care if you need it? Location is important, especially if you want to stay in the same neighbourhood, or remain close to friends and family.
Easy access to amenities can enhance your lifestyle. Is there a café or somewhere casual and friendly where you can meet friends or relatives? Can you be provided with casual or regular meals? Are housekeeping and laundry services available? What parks or other recreational facilities are available nearby? How easy is it to get to the supermarket, and does your village arrange transport? Which of these services will you need to pay for? These are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing your new home.
Most retirement villages in New Zealand combine independent living with residential care. Independent living most often takes the form of purchasing a license to occupy, and many villages have a minimum age for residents. Residential care is provided on a weekly fee basis, and is available for those assessed as needing residential care. If you will be receiving the government’s residential care subsidy, it is important to find out what additional costs you might need to pay.
Does the village you are considering guarantee a full continuum of care? What happens if you are assessed as needing a different level of residential care and there is no vacancy? Some villages will provide additional support to residents living independently until there is a care bed available.


Living Options

All our independent living villas and apartments can receive as much or as little care service as you choose!


Living Options

Our care suites will provide you with 24-hour nursing and clinical support from registered staff and caregivers.