Spread across seven hectares, The Sterling offers an exciting opportunity to live in a beautiful, five-star facility surrounded by open green spaces.
The site has been developed to ensure residents can continue to lead active lives and embrace new opportunities within Silverstream’s vibrant, multi-generational community.

COMMUNITY & Connection

The grand porte cochère creates a special arrival experience, immediately enhanced by the welcoming reception and café, which connects to the outdoor recreational environment. A special play area will encourage greater interaction between children and their grandparents! 
The Sterling, Kaiapoi values integration between communities and therefore some of the facilities, like the café, will have open access to the general public. In the same way, The Sterling, Kaiapoi will maintain strong connections with the wider Silverstream community by enabling access ways to the stream and other walking or cycling areas of Silverstream. 

SAFETY & Independence

While social connections are important, we are equally mindful of ensuring residents are safe while maintaining their independence and privacy. 
 Accessibility is also important to us. The Sterling has largely been designed in such a way that residents can move between home and communal areas, regardless of most physical, sensory or cognitive impairment. 
 This will be achieved by introducing lighting cues and contrasts to enable easier recollection and direction. 

 SAFETY & Independence

While social connections are important we also want to ensure residents maintain their independence and privacy. Your new home at The Sterling will be separate from the communal areas, with secure access points.
Accessibility is very important to us. The Sterling has been designed in such a way so that residents can move between areas they want or need to visit, regardless of any physical or cognitive impairment.
Similarly, safety is also a top priority. Innovative layout and design elements – for example sheltered outdoor rest stops and distinctive landscape features – will ensure residents can move around the site without fear of falling, tripping or becoming disorientated.


We are all unique and therefore we have taken the time to understand this community and its varying needs! By doing so, we have created active and passive spaces to meet a wide variety of needs.  
Our innovative approach will bring people of all generations together. There will be people accessing The Sterling’s café, dropping off children for a day with their grandparents, or attending the onsite medical centre. 
You are free to live your life, your way. 

TRANQUIL Surroundings

Residents will enjoy a picturesque rural Canterbury outlook, with panoramic views to the mountains. A reserve and network of pathways provide attractive walking options, alongside large open green spaces and water features. Additional outdoor amenities include herb and vegetable gardens, and potting sheds.


Our promise is that your independence will be protected. You are always free, and encouraged, to live the life you choose. Your life, your choice! You deserve nothing less.