We are excited to update you on the construction progress of Stage 2 here at The Sterling, Kaiapoi!

Watch the video below, as Michelle gives a tour of the activity happening on site.

Villas 19 – 22

In the last couple of weeks, the concrete has been poured for the foundations of Villas 19 – 22. The frames are now being erected and the trusses are scheduled to go up later this month.

Villas 23 – 26

The boxing is up on Villas 23 – 36 and ready for concrete foundations to be poured later this week. The framing and trusses are scheduled to be erected in the coming weeks.

Villas 35 – 38

The concrete foundations have already been poured for Villas 35 – 38 and framing will begin later this week. Trusses are scheduled to be erected within the month.

Villas 39 – 42

The boxing for Villas 39 – 42 is currently in progress and we’ll be pouring the concrete foundations next week. Soon after that, the frames & trusses will go up.

Stage 2 Villas Going Fast!

Demand is high and there is only 1 Villa remaining in Stage 2!

Completion is expected at the end of this year and early next year, so contact Michelle today to learn more.