Smart Home Technology

At The Sterling, Kaiapoi we’re dedicated to empowering our residents with innovative Smart Home Technology that enhances independence and fosters a sense of connected living. Within the walls of our community, a sophisticated and functional technological heart beats, creating an environment where every resident’s well-being and convenience are at the forefront.

All our residents are given a thorough overview on how to use this technology and there is ongoing support available at any time.

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Smart Entry

At The Sterling, Kaiapoi we’ve eliminated the worry of ever misplacing your house key. Our cutting-edge Smart Door Locking System offers not only robust security but also effortless access to your villa. Whether it’s through your thumbprint, a secure pin code, or a convenient fob key, our Smart Entry technology ensures that you can enter your home with ease and peace of mind.

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My Lumin Communications Screen

The My Lumin Screen will be available within your villa: 

  • Control your smart home features 
  • Receive the latest The Sterling, Kaiapoi news and notifications 
  • Book The Sterling, Kaiapoi events and activities 
  • Request maintenance services for your property 
  • Send direct messages to the Village General Manager