The importance of 



We will be collaborating with leading dementia researchers at the University of Stirling in Scotland, to ensure our model of care is based on international best practice. 
The University of Stirling operates an exclusive research facility called the Dementia Services Development Centre, which has a team of clinical specialists, architects and designers dedicated to improving the lives of people with cognitive impairment. 
 A key part of the centre’s work is promoting purpose-built design and their extensive research in this area is changing dementia care throughout the world. We are privileged to be able to draw on this global expertise and offer a dementia- friendly, person-centered environment at The Sterling, Kaiapoi. 
Our memory care centre will acknowledge the individual needs of each resident and create non-institutional spaces that make daily routines easier.
For example, we know that people with dementia need higher levels of light to help make sense of their environment and reduce anxiety. That contrast can help distinguish important features, and outdoor environments are important for wellbeing.
We also know that quality dementia care goes beyond the built environment. It’s important to us that people do not feel helpless, lonely or intimidated. Social interaction, regular activities and homely communal areas ensure residents feel part of the community.