The Sterlings first villas are starting to come alive now on site with the first 18 independent living villas taking shape!

The Framing is Up

The first quad (4 x villas) had the foundations poured just before the end of May, with the framing beginning just after that. We are now approaching the trusses stage, so great progress in a short space of time. Following close behind, the construction of our ‘half-quad’ (2 x villas) has begun and is already at the framing stage. There’s a huge amount of activity on site!

We have a camera on site recording all the activity, so we can refresh the picture and see our dream turning into reality. The Sterlings first villas will be ready for occupation prior to Christmas 2021, with a number already under application. We encourage you to contact us to view our presentation soon.

Watch the short video below to get a bird’s eye view of all the activity on site during the first concrete pour!

See Our Villas Completed

Michelle and Marg are located in the Silverstream Sales Office at Shop 1, 42 Silverstream Boulevard. We look forward to meeting you between 11am – 3pm Mon – Saturday.

You will get to see a wonderful presentation, featuring highly detailed visuals. ‘Fly through’ the village in a bird’s eye view and see how The Sterling will look once completed.