World-Class DESIGN

Designed with YOU IN MIND

Our collaboration with award-winning architecture firm Marchese Partners means The Sterling pushes the boundaries in terms of quality and design. Marchese Partners has more than 15 years’ experience creating award-winning aged care facilities throughout Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.
Founder Eugene Marchese is renowned for his innovative approach to senior living, which celebrates older people and their important role in society. As a resident at The Sterling you will be among the first in New Zealand to benefit from Eugene’s unique design philosophy, which places you at the heart of the community.
Exterior details and material selection will reflect the unique local community and rural North Canterbury surroundings. Elegant interiors and carefully considered layouts will prove that functionality can be achieved without compromising on style.
"It’s easy to look at a space as a designer and say it looks great, but what does it really look like for someone who is 82?" Eugene Marchese - Founder, Marchese Partners

Eugene Marchese – Founder, Marchese Partners


Our design partner Marchese has developed a virtual reality studio so its team of architects can view their designs through someone else’s eyes. This is achieved by wearing a pair of special glasses that enables them to walk through the virtual village from the perspective of an 82-year-old with glaucoma.
The innovative software provides Marchese’s designers with valuable insight into how older people navigate built environments, ensuring the end result meets their unique needs.

“We have thought deeply about what the shareholders required to create a connected, integrated village and we believe the community areas will be well used for a wide range of social activities.”

Simon Johnson – Principal Architect, Marchese Partners

Future-Proofed DESIGN

Your safety, and that of your loved ones, is our number one priority. Not only will we deploy leading edge emergency call and care planning systems, we’ve also given consideration to a pandemic response to ensure the protection of our residents, their families and our staff, should an event such as COVID-19 arise again in the future. The Sterling’s flexible design means that social distancing and isolation can be implemented quickly and safely. Our independent living villas and apartments make it easy to isolate each home if needed. Our residential care and memory care homes are divided into individual homes, with 12 residents living in each. In the event of an outbreak, these smaller homes will allow us to easily quarantine and isolate different environments. As we like to say, designed with you in mind!